Zheng Wang (汪政)


Zheng Wang is a 2nd year PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara, starting from 2021. He got his B.E. from the Department of Computer Science, Tongji University. At UCSB, Zheng is working with Prof Yufei Ding. Zheng’s research interests include high-performance system design and end-to-end optimization for deep learning.

Below are some of his recent projects:

  • System design for Deep Learning Recommendation Model (DLRM).
  • Neural network verification acceleration.
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Neural Networks.


  • [03/23/23] Our MGG paper has been accepted to OSDI’23.
  • [03/09/23] Our ECSSD paper has been accepted to ISCA’23.


  • [06/2023-09/2023] Research Intern, Meta AI System SW/HW Co-design Team, Seattle, WA.
  • [06/2022-09/2022] Research Intern, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).
  • [11/2020-01/2021] Engineering Intern, Tencent.

Professional Services

  • [01/2023] PLDI’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • [01/2023] EuroSys’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • [11/2022] ECOOP’23 Extended Review Committee
  • [11/2022] PPoPP’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • [10/2022] CGO’23 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • [07/2022] MICRO’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • [06/2022] SIGCOMM’22 Artifact Evaluation Committee Member
  • [04/2022] Teaching Assistant of CS160 (Translation of Programming Languages)


[OSDI’2023] Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Zheng Wang, Tong Geng, Ang Li, Kevin Barker, Yufei Ding. MGG: Accelerating Graph Neural Networks with Fine-grained intra-kernel Communication-Computation Pipelining on Multi-GPU Platforms. [To be appeared]

[ISCA’2023] Siqi Li, Fengbin Tu, Liu Liu, Jilan Lin, Zheng Wang, Yangwook Kang, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie. ECSSD: Hardware/Data Layout Co-Designed In-Storage-Computing Architecture for Extreme Classification. [To be appeared]

[SC’2022] Zheng Wang, Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Dheevatsa Mudigere, Bharath Muthiah, Yufei Ding. EL-Rec: Efficient Large-scale Recommendation Model Training via Tensor-train Embedding Table. [Link]

[Preprint] Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Zheng Wang, Tong Geng, Ang Li, Yufei Ding. GMI-DRL: Empowering Multi-GPU Deep Reinforcement Learning with GPU Spatial Multiplexing. [Link]

[USENIX ATC’2022] Boyuan Feng, Tianqi Tang, Yuke Wang, Zhaodong Chen, Zheng Wang, Shu Yang, Yuan Xie, Yufei Ding. Faith: An Efficient Framework for Transformer Verification on GPUs. [Link]

[AAAI’2021] Boyuan Feng, Yuke Wang, Zheng Wang, Yufei Ding. UAG: Uncertainty-aware Atten- tion Graph Neural Network for Defending Adversarial Attacks. [Link]